Friday, 24 April 2009

The Burden of Being Upright.

It's very dangerous for me to start a blog post at 11.41pm. There are twenty-seven kinds of onion layers peeling off me today.

I just spent some time trawling YouTube for video clips of old songs I used to know. This one, this is a pearler. The anthem to my twenties.

I remember I bought the "cassingle" of it, and took it back to my flat in Crows Nest and played and played it and played it. Over and over again. Until my flatmates couldn't stand it any longer and barred me from playing it.

I still did, though .... it was the perfect song, to accompany my beer and vodka and wine-fuelled weekends.

One of my flatmates smashed my cassingle into tiny pieces ... I could hardly blame him.

My GOD I was a nightmare to live with.

(Dave just telepathically read this post from his deep sleep in the other room and yelled out "What do you mean WAS??!!")

Every single lyric rang true. Except, of course, the last three words.
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