Sunday, 26 April 2009

Besotted. Transfixed. Obsessed.

Yesterday, Rocco headbutted the coffee table and made his teeth bleed, then would ONLY eat MY spicy green chicken curry for lunch. Then, after Dave vacuumed the whole house (for the first time in ummm, EVER) ... he had no nappy on for about five minutes.

In those five minutes, Rocco took a dump - on his carpet, crawled in it, and thoughtfully crawled shit throughout the ENTIRE HOUSE. Tim started gagging in his noodles, I looked up to see shitprints all over our nice clean Australian hardwood floorboards ALL OVER. It would be funny, if it WASN'T FUNNY.

I wept. True.

I spent the night on my hands and knees, scrubbing turds. I had to sniff every nook and cranny in the house, to know where to clean. I turned to Tim and said DON'T EVER HAVE CHILDREN. He told me he will get Rocco back - by taking a dump on his pillow.

Rocco is in love. Big, big love. If I even mention this persons name, he starts to cry because he's so excited to see him. He must be held and patted by this person at all times. He actually drives this person a little nutso, which I happen to enjoy.

After being the sole caretaker of this lil guyo for most of his life, it is ABOUT TIME parenting duties were shared.

Only daddy will do. They have the biggest bond I've ever seen - it's amazing. And so natural, as they are just as big ratbags as each other. Eating together, showers together. Dave even fashioned a cup holder from his new BFF:

It's like, they speak the same language - rough and tumbling together like old pals. Makes your heart warm.

Once I wondered if Rocco would ever know his dad ...... now I think he wants to marry him.
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