Sunday, 26 April 2009

Besotted. Transfixed. Obsessed.

Yesterday, Rocco headbutted the coffee table and made his teeth bleed, then would ONLY eat MY spicy green chicken curry for lunch. Then, after Dave vacuumed the whole house (for the first time in ummm, EVER) ... he had no nappy on for about five minutes.

In those five minutes, Rocco took a dump - on his carpet, crawled in it, and thoughtfully crawled shit throughout the ENTIRE HOUSE. Tim started gagging in his noodles, I looked up to see shitprints all over our nice clean Australian hardwood floorboards ALL OVER. It would be funny, if it WASN'T FUNNY.

I wept. True.

I spent the night on my hands and knees, scrubbing turds. I had to sniff every nook and cranny in the house, to know where to clean. I turned to Tim and said DON'T EVER HAVE CHILDREN. He told me he will get Rocco back - by taking a dump on his pillow.

Rocco is in love. Big, big love. If I even mention this persons name, he starts to cry because he's so excited to see him. He must be held and patted by this person at all times. He actually drives this person a little nutso, which I happen to enjoy.

After being the sole caretaker of this lil guyo for most of his life, it is ABOUT TIME parenting duties were shared.

Only daddy will do. They have the biggest bond I've ever seen - it's amazing. And so natural, as they are just as big ratbags as each other. Eating together, showers together. Dave even fashioned a cup holder from his new BFF:

It's like, they speak the same language - rough and tumbling together like old pals. Makes your heart warm.

Once I wondered if Rocco would ever know his dad ...... now I think he wants to marry him.


  1. OMG! Bless your heart, I would have cried too if I'd had to encounter a mess like that! Gag!! Sometimes life can be soooo, well...shitty! LOL! Love all those photos of the men in your life having such a great time bonding! Too sweet! Blessings, Lisa

  2. what great pictures. Sucky about the poop every where.

  3. Sorry but I had to laugh and just shared that one with Max....
    something I have to look forward to hey!

    I love seeing Dave and Rocco together, it certainly is special.

  4. Mate, those photies make my heart SING!!! There were some dark moments last year where I let thoughts in of your lil baby growing up with no daddy. Not often mind you because i had absolute faith in that big tough ole guyo of yours, but in those first few hellhole months i was scared to hell and back that he wouldn't get to see the miracle that is his bikey baby grow up - may he clean that babes shit up for the rest of their LONG lives together. I love you broze x

  5. Damn, those pictures are an awesome sight.

    I got a daddy's boy this time, too. He loves my dad, too. Something about the boys club, I think. Bit of a shock after DS1, but it's okay. There is nothing like having a baby think the sun rises and sets on you.

    Oh my God, the shitprints. Hardship duty. I had something like that while potty training once. I remember describing it using the words, Brown Gloves. Not fun.


  6. You know that is the second story I've heard that involves babies covered and messy and making more messes.

    Sounds like such fun - count me in! (Um, well, not really -- terrified is more like it)

    But the part about Rocco and honest to God brings tears to my eyes...this whole journey of parenthood for me, in some ways, I think its about seeing fatherhood played out in healthy ways -- to watch G with a child of mine? I used to think only a girl would do -- but now I know -- it's just to see a father and his child -- happy and living a life that's relatively normal -- that...

    what a fucking gift...*smiling*



  7. Isn't it SO great when the child that's been latched to you FOREVER falls in love with someone else?! Not only do you get a break, but you get to sit back and watch the love fest and it makes your whole heart sing. Love the pictures, so amazing! Sorry about the baby shit, though. That is less then a heart singing moment.

  8. Wonderful pictures! Sorry about the poop covered house though. That is a nightmare.

  9. So sorry about the poo-tracks. Ewe! I don't look forward to things like that.

    What beautiful pictures! So wonderful to know that the boy and his father are in love. So sweet!

  10. AWWUH!!! Daddy-baby things make me a big old mush pile. That is too cute.

    The poop has not happened to me but I won't laugh at you because I'm sure my time will come. Our sons are telepathically communicating with each other so be on the lookout for Rocco to climb out of his crib. Meanwhile, Sam is never having diaper-free time again.


  11. So frickin cute. Isn't it lovely how the work of parenting gets shared inevitably as the baby (babies in my case) reach out for their daddy? It's lovely, and I bask in it every time it happens though a big part of me loves the only-mommy-will-do love.

  12. They are so beautiful, it gives me goosebumps.

    Until I think of the poo... all over the house. And brothers pooing on pillows...


  13. It makes my heart smile to think of your little one falling in love with his daddy. It is so beautiful when that happens - I've seen it with my nephews and it is just lovely. Like a first step towards growing up and becoming an amazing man himself.

  14. I loved this post (esp since he's wearing and still fits into the monkey onesie I sent!).... They are like two peas in a pod!

    Soleil is OBSESSED with her father. Even if she hasnt seen me all day, she would rather cuddle with him than with me. Whatever. Sniff.

  15. OMG about the mess. I had a heart attack when Jason had peed on the floor. Good Lord, I wouldn't have been able to handle shit everywhere. Woman. You have a nose and a stomach of steel. (I would have done more than wept.)

    The pictures of Rocco and Dave really are very sweet. Yeah for sharing. :-)

  16. Oh yeeees. Had the dreaded shitprints recently. I commiserate, although my floors are less nice to begin with!



  17. LMAO at the poop. Early finger painting!!!

    The post was so beautiful and made me cry!!!

  18. Beautiful post, Eden.

    As for the shit, at least you have hardwood. It could be cream carpet...


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