Saturday, 7 March 2009

World's Laziest Saturday .... A Photo Extravaganza

The two boys and I have found ourselves ruling the roost for the whole weekend. Awesome. Max and I pushed the couches together last night and watched TV and ate all the chocolate. We kept saying we'd go to bed after the next Scrubs episode, and then changing our minds for "just one more."

Today we went for a big walk to the lake and back, then Max played Playstation for the rest of the afternoon, while I did something I NEVER do - slept while the baby slept. I don't like to waste my baby-free time, but I was so tired I had a nap with my face on the empty M&Ms packet on the huge bed/couch we made.

I woke up feeling like I always do when I nap during the day ... like I'd ingested 10 acid trips and been clubbing all night, with a pit of doom and anxiety in my stomach. HOWEVER, I talked myself down off the ledge, reminding myself I was an honest and productive member of society, and the only thing I had done wrong was to let my seven year old watch an M-rated TV show.

Here are some pics I took about ten minutes ago. The baby LOVES it when he is allowed into Maxs room. The tiny bits of Lego to choke on ... the fake axes ... baby bliss ..

He pulls himself up to standing ALL the time now. A baby on legs. Help me.

Max "just had to play this little bit more," so could not look at the camera for this pic. Here are the four of us ..... Max, Rocco, Me, and my overbite

Ok I went outside to try to get some snaps of Rocco's eyes in the sunlight. They are the most intense blue eyes I've seen. But he saw something and just took off

- so quickly. Left me in his baby dust -

Ahhhhh, the gas bottle. Of COURSE -


  1. Rocco has the most cheeky little face. And he's gorgeous too.

  2. God, that baby is just more gorgeous every time we see him. That blonde hair!! Were you blonde when you were a baby or were you always red?

    Ah yes, the gas tank! Of course! DS2 came walking into the bathroom yesterday with a screwdriver in his hand and a big grin on his face. He's such a ~boy~ ... it cracks me up how he loves ~cars~ and ~tools~ ... but immediately I had visions of the screwdrivers and light sockets. Had to run around and make sure they were all covered.



  3. I love the picture of Max, his tongue sticking out is too cute! Zilla does that when he plays his games. YAY for baby tushy. I hope you ate some of that chocolate for me, I'm kinda going a wee bit crazy without it *sigh* why am I doing this to myself?! Your comments on my last post were cracking me up! I tried to think up other methods of communicating without power, but I came up empty.

  4. Now that's a good Saturday...we've actually been productive around here. Trimming ornamental grasses, dividing plants, getting ready for spring, vacuuming the car, watching the county sheriff visit the creepy neighbors' house...good times. You can tell spring is coming! Well, here in the northern hemisphere, anyway...

  5. Looks like a great weekend. And your description of the after feeling from naps? I just woke feeling the same way (even though I have no idea what acid or whatever it was you said feels like). Weird ass dreams and a strange foggy feeling. Bleh. Glad you had a good weekend.

  6. Oh my!

    he's so big and so mobile! Mobile!

    Actually, that is starting to bite me in the unbabyproofed ass too,



  7. SO - your kids - they are So freakin cute!

    Ad how is it that you can spend all day babyproffing and the baby will still find the things that are not acceptable for babies to play with and thnk it makes the greatest toys EVER!?

    i give Babyproofing The Finger

  8. You and Dave make pretty babies. :-)


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