Friday, 20 March 2009

Worlds Lamest Post

Whistled "Down Under" all day, realised I've never really liked that song. Thank you for your responses, I'm just proud to do my bit for Australia. Even with my big cauliflower nose. Just showed Dave the video .... he shook his head in utter disbelief. It's locked in .... I am going to BlogHer - next year. WOOOOT! By myself. I can scrape up airfare, surely there are a few couches I can sleep on? ;)

Dave: "Where is BlogHer exactly? I've never actually heard of that town."


  1. hahahahahahaha!!!!! hahahahahaha!!! Never heard of the town of blogher...hahahahaha!!!!

    I've never really cared for that song either, but it sure does get stuck in your head. And you don't have a cauliflower nose!

  2. Where is BlogHer? Ha! Hilarious.

    I don't know where next year's conference is, but if it you were going to this year's in Chicago, I'd send you to my sister's...or my best friend's house.

    BTW, back to those language differences, I think it's quite entertaining that you guys call it dessicated coconut. That doesn't sound very appetizing. I believe they're coconut flakes here...sounds much more tasty (not really, they taste like grass to me).

  3. My couch has an Eeedz-size indentation. If you play your cards right and practice that American dialect, you might even make it to the guest room, bed and all

    Put Denver on your itinerary!

    I'll plan on BlogHer 2010, too, wherever it is.


  4. Never heard of that town? It's the capital of Greenland!

    Oh, Dave.


  5. You should come stay with us!!! We have a lovely guest room suite, and we live right in Chicago! You'll be able to meet Xavier and Stella and you can introduce us to vegemite...yey, the possibilities are endless!!! Email me for details...YEY!

  6. Hmmm..if you're going next year- I may have to do so too!

  7. 2010? If so, I'm so goign to stalk you.

  8. LMAO @ Dave: "Where is BlogHer exactly? I've never actually heard of that town."


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