Friday, 6 March 2009

Scrubs, Chocolate, and an Almost Flat Cat

Look, I don't really have much to say today. I'm sitting here, stuffing my face with M&Ms. For the third time I have hired out the complete seventh series of Scrubs and I intend to watch it. Today has been hot cold hot cold hot. My beloved summer is leaving *SOB*.

I wish I lived in the tropics.

I feel very in tune with the Universe, lately. I keep joking with people that I'm ready and waiting for the next crisis to appear. But f*ck I feel strong. No more falling to pieces, at least this week.

I almost ran over a CAT today, it was sitting in the middle of the road. I pulled my car over, and got out to pick it up. It was very old, poor thing. Suddenly I hear this truck ROARING up the freaking road, for a second I thought he was going to smash into my car. With both boys inside. He drove past .... I smiled and said look, there's a cat on the road. He yells at me "Move your F*CKING car."

I love it when people give me reason to hate them. Makes me feel better about .... hating people.


  1. I love that last line. So true.
    Good for you for rescuing the kitty cause that stupid truck probably would have hit it for sure.

  2. Thank God you are okay. Poor kitty!

    Girl Scout Cookies were delivered here last night. Six boxes of them. What was I thinking? (Perhaps I should mail them to Australia.) I salute your M&Ms with a thin mint and a samoa.



  3. I love Scrubs! Every year before my surgeries when I end up spending a few weeks on the couch, I run through all 10 seasons of Friends, Will & Grace, and Scrubs. Great for making you laugh when you wouldn't otherwise feel like it...

    Poor kitty - I'm glad you didn't flatten it :)

  4. Mmmmmmm chocolate *drool* Seriously what was I thinking giving up chocolate?! Good job saving the cat! Spike strips for the driver next time, maybe?

  5. Mmm. Candy. I'm a bit off chocolate at the moment and more into fruity sour candies cause they help with the feeling like I'm going to bork all the time. But for some reason, M&Ms sound compelling.

    Good for you for saving the cat. And if only the truck driver knew that his yelling at you was going to bring him hatred and indignation and scorn to be heaped upon his head from all corners of the globe.

  6. happy sooon to be birthday! here from l&f

  7. m&m's are my nemesis...well, my beloved and my nemesis simultaneously. They are banned from the household currently -- and I have to say, my mood is the worse for it.

    This made me laugh because I've been thinking alot of how, when I was a teenager, my favorite phrase to my mother was "i hate teenagers" -- but I think I just sort of, well, was a misanthrope early on...



  8. My downfall is peanut butter cups, but I'll take M&Ms in a pinch.

    Love scrubs.

    You are f*cking strong!

    Glad the bastard didn't run you over.

    Your last line is priceless!

  9. You know...spring is just starting here in the northern hemisphere. I'm just saying. ;-)


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