Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Same Old Shit

I asked everyone at the kitchen table.

"What is your very earliest memory?"

Mine is trying to pick some food up from the tray of my high chair.

Tim said his when he lived in the small blue house with his dad and mum, and Dave asking whether he wanted chocolate milk in a bottle or cup. He chose bottle.

Max said driving on his toy truck.

And Dave?

Dave thought for a while, stretched his arms at the back of his head, thinking.

He was so serious. "Well, look I can't be sure .... but I think it was the feeling I got straight after my mum changed my shitty nappy. Yeah. (Broad smiles). Just that feeling of .... clean, no more sitting in crap."

The boys all fell about laughing, testosterone and boy laughs that only a poo joke can create.

If there was a camera in the room I would have looked at it and mouthed "HELP ME."
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