Monday, 23 March 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

My perfect moment was definitely not when a COCKROACH crawled under my towel in the middle of pump class today. Nor was it when the baby woke at 2am, 3.30am, and finally again at 5am SCREAMING his head off ... I put a pillow over my head and used Jedi mind control to will Dave to get up which he finally did, but it took so looooooong that I almost imploded.

My perfect moment was totally not when I searched high and low for my mobile phone, which is still missing. I started to cry - not about the actual phone, but the priceless pics and video footage I took of Rocco when he was tiny. Nobody else really took any other pics of him, thrust so cruelly we were into Daves Cancerland Hell.

I need to find my phone.

My perfect moment was most certainly not when I slammed the door on Dave for pissing me off, or when it rained after I washed my car.

And when my most glorious seven year old tearfully told me that "Nobody talks to him during dinner," and I realised that we are all so loud and obnoxious and he just sits there soaking it all in. Much like myself as a child. The pain with which he told me that was the furthest from a perfect moment you could imagine.

And googling "heartburn non-hodgkins relapse?" .... was not perfect. It was terrifying. Dave sees his oncologist in April for a checkup. Much as I like to proudly sprout I refuse to live in cancer's shadow ... well, some days I pitch a freakin' tent in the shadow and crack open a soda pop. (I said soda pop for you Americans HAHA. We call it fizzy drink.)

I've had a fucked day. Can you tell?


For weeks, I've wanted to do Lori's Perfect Moment Monday. I've always had so many to choose from ... and Lori is just such a warm and beautiful gal. I emailed her once that if Dave ever met her, he would call her "Lozza". She told me that a New Zealand boyfriend used to call her Lozza, and I totally felt more of a kinship with her because New Zealand is almost Australia. (Right, Pix!?)

Earlier I sat on my bed, using all my Spidey Senses to "feel" where my phone is. Useless. I then tried to think of a perfect moment on this Monday, and all I could think was all the bad shit that happened. And then, I realised there were heaps of perfect moments. My brain just latches on to the bad shit automatically.

My many perfect moments:

1) Rocco being fawned over by a million people in the street, told how handsome he is.

2) Dave and I FORGETTING the name of his oncologist. Both of us could not remember the guys name to save our life.
3) Tim playing with Maxie on the trampoline for ages, in the pouring rain.

4) Dave holding Rocco out in the pouring rain, making up a funny song: "Have you ever ... felt rain before?" And kissing him seventy times.

5) Dave walking straight up to me after he hopped out of his ute, to kiss ME. Even though I slammed the door on him and was so very mean.

6) Me realising that if my phone is lost, all we have is right here right now. I can smell Rocco and touch him and look at him. It doesn't matter about the pics. (But then I secretly thought I was putting on an acceptance show for Universe and as soon as I had "accepted" the lost phone I will find it *ahem*)

7) The cockroach in pump class turned out to be a grasshopper.

Today, I totally got what Lori is asking for .... there are perfect moments all around us. Sometimes we just need to adjust our focus.


  1. Great post but I am lost with the Karate Kid picture.

    I just woke up so forgive my cluelessness.

  2. Thanks for the soda pop reference...but we REALLY cool people here in the north, just call it pop. (The not so cool people call it soda ;)

    God, I hope you find your phone. When you that shit to your computer woman! Then burn 2 for you and one for one of the sis's to keep for you in case something happens to yours.

    When I read about Max at the dinner table, my heart broke a little. For awhile I was Max. It is hard for adults to remember that those little people really are too young to get much of the yelling, sarcasm etc, isn't real, it is entertainment for the adults, but the kids don't get it. I am glad you listened to him :) doesn't matter if it was a cockroach or a grasshopper, either one would give me the willies.

  3. I loved your perfect moments, but what is with all those bugs you have up there? I was attacked by insects 8 times in one day. It's crazy. But I am very thankful none of them were spiders or cockroaches. Yuck. Did you scream like a girl when you saw it on your towel? Cause I totally would of.

  4. Oh, Eedz, I absolutely love this post, in so many ways.

    Identifying with the observant Max.

    Forgetting the name of the doc.

    Thinking that by accepting, the Universe will reward you with the phone (so me!).

    The 70 kisses.

    I added this link to my post.


  5. Nice. Love this post. You brushed off many negatives and found the happy spot in many others.

    Just one question: What's an "ute"?

  6. When I need to think of a solution or can't find something (phone!), I stick it in my head right before I go to sleep. I let it sort of drift in my mind before sleep, and sometimes it comes to me either then or during the night. But make sure you have a pen and paper nearby to write it down.

  7. Focus...that reminds me of the lesson I learned recently, which qualifies as a perfect moment, I think. Being a 2 year old, my daughter's attention is all over the place. One day, while she was eating (and trying to do 7 other things), she was getting frustrated because she couldn't get her food into her mouth. So, I grabbed her chin, moved her head around to face her plate, and said "Focus!" Now, whenever she thinks I'm not paying enough attention, she grabs my chin and says "Focus!" She cracks me up, and frequently reminds me to be careful what I say!

  8. My perfect moment today - being mentioned in the blog of someone I think totally rocks!


  9. I've always teased all of my friends that called it "pop". I call all fizzy drinks "coke" or just "soda".

    I love the way you found all the good things! I hope you find your phone, too.

    That reminds me of the time that a roach had crawled into Tim's boot. He found it when he was getting dressed for work one morning. He. Screamed. Like. A. Girl! It was hilarious!!!

  10. What a Perfect Moment Monday for sure! I love ALL of it!


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