Tuesday, 10 March 2009

My Husband is a Turd, and other funny stories.

Dave knows I blog. So does Tim, and Max. I asked them all for their permission to write about them on here, providing I don't embarrass them. None of them ever come and read, anyway. I started reading out a post to Tim one day, until I looked over at him slumped in the chair faux-snoring. "You're boring me." ... was all he said, before he walked out of the room.

Sometimes, I see myself in Tim. Which is pretty freakin' cool, considering I'm "only" his stepmum. Once at dinner recently, Max was talking about his new found love of Pokemon cards. (Which I can't stand, they are hideously ugly) .... Tim started reminiscing about how, when he was younger, he used to collect Pokemon cards. And how his mum used to tell him they were all sold out at the shop. And than tell him to go look under his pillow .... where she would have put Pokemon cards there.

Then he thought some more .... "Hang on - that wasn't my mum. That was YOU!" Pointing his fully-laden fork accusingly at me. Bits of his dinner went flying across the table.

It was such a wonderful feeling. We have had our ups and downs, but my goodness I love him so much. I met him when he was seven, I was twenty-seven. I had a LOT to learn! We "get" each other, sometimes in more ways than him and his dad do.

The above pic is what happens whenever I drag Dave into a bookshop - he heads for the nearest chair. In this case, it was an actual couch, so he was in heaven. He reckons he does not like books, I'm like, mate, how can you not like books? Books?
So I went running around the bookshop determined to find something he would like. Got him interested in an architectural book, which he loved and almost bought.
Then I found another he might like, so I ran back, put it on him, and of COURSE snapped a photo and uploaded it here.

It's the Kama Sutra pop-up book.
Serves him right for not reading my blog. (Actually, I don't want him reading my blog. He's just a turd.)
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