Sunday, 8 March 2009

Like Mother, Like Son

Yesterday afternoon I was driving with the boys. Max was in the front ... suddenly, without ANY warning, my usually placid guy yells out ..."ARRRGGGHHHHHH. I JUST WANT TO PUNCH THE SUN IN THE FACE."

Apparently, the sun had dared to shine straight in his eyes, the nerve of it!

We were silent for a while, and then I said:

"You know, if you DID somehow manage to punch the sun in the face, your arm would probably melt off. Then you wouldn't be able to play Playstation."

We laughed and laughed, all the way to Subway. (Where she put RAW BACON on my roll. I said, is that raw? She goes, oh, do you want it cooked? Ummm, YEAH).

Wow, these daily posts are FASCINATING, no?


  1. Completely fascinating! I'm loving em. LOL, sounds like something Zilla will say soon.. I'll have to remeber that come back ;o)

  2. My daughter (2 and just learning to talk) was complaining about "my eye is in the sun" the other day. Apparently the sun is out to get the younger set!

  3. Subway? In Oz? Wow, it really IS a small world :)

    Hey, here in the states we have these amazing things called...sunglasses. They even make them for kids. I bet you could ebay some for the little sun-hater--HA!

  4. I love the daily posts!

    Arm melts off, no playstation, seriously, the kid is going to have nightmares!! (more about the playstation than the melting)

  5. Raw...bacon? What? Wow.

    I love Max!!! Punch the sun in the face! That is extremely awesome and if he ever does it, I want to be around for the show. If someone could it, it would be a kid of yours.


  6. Raw bacon? Bluuuuurg.

    And yes, Max rules.

    And maybe I don't tell you this often enough, but every post from you is a treat, Eden. Sometimes I scroll through my reader looking for your posts so I can read them first, and sometimes I save them till the end like red Smarties. So keep 'em coming. Although I've heard enough about raw bacon now to last me a lifetime. Ick.

  7. Raw bacon? Um, intestinal worms anyone?

  8. Raw bacon? Seriously? Ewe!


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