Monday, 9 March 2009

Lacklustre. Lacking in Lustre

Stupid daily blogging. How am I supposed to hide the fact that I feel like shit and am SO CRANKY at my husband right now? The last few posts were all true ..... yet missing the enormous black hole of seething in my belly.

I would like to state that marriage is overrated.

I look ugly today, with a big pimple on my forehead to prove it. The house is a pigsty, we have no food, and Max left my car door open ALL NIGHT. It was pissing with rain. Not to mention the fact that an army of huntsmen spiders are probably living in my car now.

Ugh. I have to go. Dave just got home and I need to act busy.


  1. Ew.

    Huntsman spiders sound icky.

    I'm having a day too -- a bad day. Let's hope our next ones are better!



  2. Ha ha ha ha ha - acting busy because the husband is home! I'm with you on that one! I agree that marriage is overrated...I love my husband and all but I wouldn't ever get married again. If I had to do it all over again...well, I would probably still marry him. Probably.

    And yuck on the spiders...we used to get these pale white tree spiders in our cars (when we parked in front of the house under the maple tree). Once I had to take off my shoe to smash one on my windshield while speeding down the highway...because I wasn't going to let it hide somewhere and get me later!

  3. This is why I gave up blogging every day. It's too hard!

    I hope there are no spiders in your car. Can you bug-bomb it and leave it for a day?


  4. I'm not laughing I promise.

    I have a matching zit.


  5. Zits, husband AND spiders! Damn girl you ARE having a day! I hope the next one is better.

  6. Ugg! Spiders in the car? I don't think I could ever get in again. Sorry the day(s?) have been sucky. I hope they get better soon. Hugs to you.

  7. I'm having one of those too - and ditto the zit on the forehead.

    As for Huntsmans...the number 1 reason I won't move to Aussie!

  8. A) Just go take the can of Red Aldi Surface Spray and attack the car. I cannot RAVE about the Aldi spray enough - IT IS GOOD!!! It kills LOTS OF THINGS!!!

    B) I am so OVER shitty that I just don't FEEL anymore. At least if you fight and scream you can make up at the end.

    C) Nothing to do with the post - but I so want to meet your Max!! I think he and Connor would get on famously!!!

    D) I dont care that you can't comment on my blog - I love u anyway!!


  9. I have made a curious observation about men/women/marriage. Did you ever notice that when men are widowed they remarry almost immediately but when women are widowed they redecorate the house?

    You made me bust out laughing about looking busy when the husband arrives. I have perfected that to an artform! I also learned long ago that if I wipe down the door coming into the house with a cleaner, he smells it when he walks in and ALWAYS comments on how I have been busy. (Yeah, wipe door, read blogs, move paper stack to another stack, read blogs, etc etc)

    Men. Sometimes they are just too much work.

  10. I agree about the marriage thing, only about my son's father who I was only married for a short time, that motherfucker. He wants to contest Buddy from going to summer school because it's interfering with his (daddy dearest's) summer break. He told my son that he will get a court order to stop him from attending school. He is a selfish prick.
    Happy Monday!

  11. Sending you a big hug and a cup of tea and an actual mountain of chocolate.


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