Monday, 2 March 2009


This is one of my favourite photos ever. It's Max and Daddy, taken in 2003 when Dave was building our house. Max and I would come and visit and bring coffee for everyone. I love the look of happiness in Dave's face ... and I still have that hat that Max is wearing. Max was the most divine, beautiful little baby. I'll have to dig out some of his baby pics, as him and Rocco are very alike.

It took over a year to build the house .... it's BIG! A big, showpony house. Dave's dreamhouse, something he had been working towards for many years. I have just been taken along for the ride!

I've been known to apologise to people when they walk in the door, gobsmacked by the beauty and surroundings. I get embarrassed, that we dare to live in something so grand. Ashamed, that I ever complain about ANYTHING.

I've never aspired to be a mortgage person ... it just happened. Some people were funny about it, when we finally did the big move from the shitbox rental house to here. I could always tell who ... they would usually just look around silently, then say something like .. "Well, you've got your work cut out for you. It's a big house to clean!"

Speaking of which, my sister Linda's baby gift to me was a house cleaner. The god-damn bliss of it.

The haters were right ... it is a PRICK of a house to clean. Especially when nameless males in the house (TIM) scrunch up empty cardboard toilet rolls and toss them in the corner.


It took a while, to get used to the cleaner. I felt SO mortifyingly guilty. Her first ever clean here, I kept offering her cups of tea, and lunch, and ... "My husband has cancer and my sister paid for a cleaner." Inappropriateness, thy name is Eden.

And now?

She still comes, once a fortnight. I'm used to her now. My God she works up a sweat cleaning this prick of a house. I don't feel guilty anymore .... ice is totally broken. Last week, I even stood there, in the kitchen, laughing to her as she swept up the mountain of crusts under the high chair. "Do you just think, man, what filthy slobs!"

She smiled, and diplomatically said, "Oh, well .... it's great that you keep me in a job!"

I stood there laughing, one leg cocked on my kitchen table, dressed in gym clothes.

Just like a stuck-up mole.


  1. I have indulged recently in having a cleaner help me with the house. I clean with her but after 14 years of IF I don't do the heavy lifting now that I am pg.

    I used to clean houses myself for extra money when I was younger and like your cleaner I was ever so grateful for dirty toilets. I needed the money.

  2. I have a monster to clean too...AND like you, I find myself apologizing for having this place. The only difference is that I have to clean it myself. None of the other occupants even put a new roll on the TP holder. buttheads.

  3. I miss my house cleaners. :-( I don't live in a big house; I'm sure I could do a better job at cleaning it than I currently do. But man...I miss those delightful people with their environmentally unsound yet terrifyingly effective cleansers. Sigh.

    If I can't have 'em, I'm glad you can.


  4. We used to have a cleaner when I was a kid (for a while, when my mom's business exploded). Gawd how I hated cleaning before she showed up. Cleaning for the cleaner, I thought it was torture.

    Now I understand. But I don't have a cleaner. Maybe I would go to the gym more if I got one... hey! I like your thinking.

    I love that pic, I love all your pix.

  5. I love that photo, Eden. It is one of the classic family photos, I can just tell. Beautiful.

    I have stupidly always refused to get a house cleaner because of my idiotic perfectionism that makes me believe I should be able to do everything myself. When my life was crazy and I was a completely degenerate workaholic, I still never took the plunge. Silly of me.

  6. Great pic.
    I keep thinking that one day I will have a house keeper, mostly because I can't freaking stand to clean. I also am a space freak and if I could (afford it) I would have a huge giant house, just because I like all the space. Probably better that I don't since I don't like to clean the small place I've got.

  7. I could use a house cleaner myself, but since I'm a stay at home mom and don't do ANYTHING, I can't see myself getting one anytime soon. My mom use to clean houses and the families she'd clean for were like our extended families. It's really neat to have those bonds. Love the picture! So sweet! Enjoy your day, hon!

  8. I wish I had a cleaner, even just for this week - my house is an absolute brothel at the moment. I love the mental image of you posing in your big arse house in your gym gear like a stuck up mole. Doesn't suit you, but the idea sure made me smile.

  9. My husband respectfully asks if we can borrow your cleaning lady, because his wife is a filthy slob too.

  10. I absolutely adore your sister. Can She send my sister that Idea?

    What a precious picture

  11. That is an awesome pic. You're right. He looks like he is just sitting back enjoying the time of his life right there.

    I only wish that I could have a cleaner! I don't even have any kids to clean up after yet (unless you count my husband). If a cleaner did show up, she would spend five minutes here watching my husband wreck the place and she would quit. I'm sure of it!

  12. ROFLMAO at your 'stuck up mole' comment!!
    And tell me, do u clean the house before the cleaner comes??? lol

    PS - I wanna visit your mansion!

  13. ROFL
    Stuck up mole!
    I have a cleaner. She comes on Fridays. I adore it...we have two dogs, two cats and are both very busy working folks. So I feel justified. And oh the wonderful feeling of coming home on a Friday and knowing the house is done so I can play in the garden.

    But I try very hard not to be there when she is, cos I feel guilty. I really do. Though after my IVF transfer I was in bed, and she made me cups of tea.

    I do tidy up in the morning before she comes though. Which hubby finds amusing, but I said whats the point of leaving crap everywhere which she has to move before she can clean.

    Ya mole. Ya stuck up mole. I love you blogging every day but I can't comment every day cos otherwise I will be stuck in this office for even more hours. Sigh.

  14. what exactly is a fortnight?

    Jesus Eden. You keep me jealous. Working out. Big house. A cleaning lady. Me? I'm losing muscle tone. I live in a shoe box in the ghetto. And a cleaning lady? heh. I wish I had enough money.

    Think of how far you've come girl. And be happy you make others, like me, jealous. :)

  15. Screw the haters! You guys worked for that house therefor you earned it. Tim remodeled (damn near rebuilt) our house so I don't feel a bit bad that it's nicer than almost all the other houses in the neighborhood.

    What is it with guys and toilet paper rolls? WHY can't they throw them away??


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