Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Guest Post from Max (Verbatim)

"I love going to the park on weekends, and going for walks with Dad.

I love my mum so much.

I love playing with my little puppy dog toy called Bones. I love my little brother, and sometimes he always grabs my mouth. - Mum! You're so fast at writing!

My big brother Tim and Dad always tickle me. I love playing with my baby brother and my DS.

I want to kiss my mum.


-The End

(Mum, make sure you type BYE in big letters, 'coz I said it big.)"


  1. Hi, Max. You are very handsome. I love your big ending and your MOM, too. Squirrelly as she is.

  2. Comments from Max:

    Bleu, that's funny. But I'm not a doll, dolls are for girls.

    Loz, why is mUm a squirrel?

  3. Max - You have a terrific Mum. Great post.

  4. Hi there, Max! It is nice to hear from you. I think you have a great mum, too!

    P.S. I am totally jealous about the DS. :-)

  5. lol. Awesome.

    (dude. 19 posts behind? what the fuck. I'm going to go on a commenting jag.)

  6. Oh Max,

    Your mother talks so much about you -- and I agree with everyone here -- you are handsome and smart -- and very kind to your mom -- which, I have to say, must be easy -- because she's a wonderful, funny and beautiful person.

    You're a lucky young man...

    Oh, and W loves his DS too -- and on the Xbox he and I always have sonic marathons....



  7. Max, you are such a wonderful person. I love how your spirit shows through so clearly in the stories your mom tells about you and also in this post. Even from the other side of the world, I can tell you are going to just keep getting more and more amazing.

    And I love your mum, too.

  8. (sorry to comment here again, but re your comment to me ... yeah, I figured out how long I can shoot, so I have to redo the video and post it. And you cracked my ass up - first for calling your video "my piece" and then calling yourself out for calling it as such. fucking awesome.)

  9. Max - you ROCK! and so does your mum!!

  10. Max, you are the BEST. So handsome too. Love the big finish. I have this tradition with my nephews that maybe we can share too; I call it "secret oreos." As in, right before dinner, when it will spoil you the most, make your mum get you an oreo cookie. It's from me. If I were there I would sneak it to you behind my back and whistle like there was nothing to see here. What? What oreo? Max isn't eating an oreo! But since I'm not she'll have to give it to you and pretend. Secret oreos are good for lots of occasions.



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