Thursday, 26 March 2009

Choosing My Battles

Today I put my back out taking a SWISS BALL class. I do not know how this happened ... Swissball is for pussies! I am the Pump champion, for Gods sake.

I have a post brewing on what it's like, living in a house of men. (Hell, I could start a whole BLOG on the freakin' subject.)

This conversation occured earlier between my stepson Tim and I. (Is there another word for "stepson"? I hate it.)

Tim: "Hey Eden .."
Eden: "No you can't go on my computer."
Tim: "I know that. Hey, can I teach Rocco how to punch?"
Eden: *Sighing* "Well you taught Max, I'm sure you will teach Rocco at some point."
Tim: "I mean now. I've started teaching him now ... just some little jabs and that ..."
Eden: *laughing*
Tim: "I'm serious."
Eden: *not laughing*
Tim: "It's fine! I'm just teaching him to look after himself. If I teach him now can you IMAGINE how tough he'll be when he starts school!"
Eden: "He. Is. Ten. Months. Old."
Tim: "Ha! He's a freakin' champ already I swear! He'll SO be able to hold his own when he goes to daycare."
Eden: "Noyoucan'tteachthebabytofightchristssake!!!!"

Eden and Tim look at each other, both knowing that when Eden is not in the room, Tim will, indeed, teach the baby to punch.
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