Tuesday, 17 March 2009

And the Dog Ate My Homework I SWEAR

The most wonderful Wordgirl emailed me recently, asking me to recommend a good book about Australia and its origins.

I had no fucking idea. For someone so smart, sometimes I'm pretty dumb. I texted my friend Naomi and she text back "The Fatal Shore" by Robert Hughes. Of course I've never read it, so I Wikiepedia-ed it.

I've had a slew of Australia-related questions lately .... what is Vegemite, ummmm, what's a good Australia book, .... what is Vegemite ......

Now, I know I'm woefully behind in reading and commenting on blogs, I am a rude arse. But I vowed to blog every day and I've been so hectic and the baby has been up every night at 12.30am, 1am, 3am, 3.30am ... etc. And then I'm up and walking around in the day wondering what life means and I look at Dave and think wow, your hair is so dark and thick right now, amazing. I'm applying for jobs and cooking meals and trying to parent Tim properly. I need to help Max with his homework which I haaaaaaate, and I'm on the hunt to find a decent care provider for the baby because the term "working from home" does NOT occur when the baby is crawling around the house in search of donuts. And danger. And I need to earn some serious money, because my whole freelancing plan fell apart last year, coincidentally on the exact same day Dave walked in the house and said the immortal words .... "Hon, what's lymphoma?"

I'm going to finish my every day blogging thing if it kills me. and it is. It's 11.22pm ..... time for the Crying Baby Show any minute, bless him.

So do you have any questions about Australia? Or Australians? Like, me, for example? The last time I asked for questions was about a year ago ..... nobody asked me a darn thing. Not one thing. So embarrassing. PLEASE ask me something. Anyone? Bueller? I'll totally talk my answer out re-ally slowly in a Vlog. Using my non-existent accent.


  1. Here's an Australia question for you - if I was going to be in the Blue Mountains this weekend (specifically Leura) and found myself with a few hours of free time what awesome thing should I check out?

  2. Hmmmm, can I steal Sassy's question? No? OK, I'll come back then *sigh* Oh, now I have one now! When you become rich and famous-er, will you buy me a ticket to come stay with you for a week?

  3. What way does your toilet flush? Clock wise, or counter clock wise?
    Do you eat kangaroo meat?
    How often do you see koala bears?
    Have you figured out what a vegimite is?
    Have you ever visited the United States of America?
    Do you have McDonalds and Taco Bell (fast food)?

  4. What's the weather like there? And by weather, I mean climate - year round...

    Can you really get sunburned through clothing in Australia?

    What were/are you freelancing? (Writing, I assume) What genre?

  5. Do dingos really steal babies?

  6. Is it true that seagulls fly upside down over Australia...cos it ain't worth shitting on?

    Haha. That's such a kiwi joke. Sorry darl, couldn't resist.

    Ooh I have one. Why are your twisties so different to ours (which are much better, and I have to bring a suitcase full for my Kiwi g/f living in Sydney whenever I visit)!

    I remember being in the US and at some swanky do and this american lady asked me "can you take a ferry to Australia from New Zealand" and I said "Yup, and at low tide you can walk across"...hahaha.

  7. I dont think I have any australia questions!! I suck.

    Oh by the way, I forgot to comment last post- that image of Rocco on the floor stuffing the donut in his mouth as he sees you- that's sooo something Neve would do, I laughed out loud.

  8. Do you think those photos are really of Pauline Hanson ? Hahaha !

    Well what else could I ask ? I live in Oz.

  9. I don't know if I have a question. I hope baby sleeps more soon though.

  10. Do you have a professional boomerang league? If so, would you ever consider trying out to be a cheerleader for the leauge? If so, that would be hot.

    Pam's a kiss-up!

  11. How are Australia and Greenland most alike? How are they different? Do you think Australia and Greenland should open trade negotiations? Is Australia interested in sending a red-headed ambassador to Greenland for a cultural visit? Also, in the Land Down Under, do women really glow and do men really plunder? Can you hear, Can you hear the thunder?

    Okay, I'll stop now. I hope you're laughing and not rolling your eyes!

    My real question is: What is your favorite Aussie food? And how can I make it so I can enjoy it here in Greenland?


  12. Can I say that I was NOT surprised to read that Rocco shoved the whole donut in his mouth - I can remember u shoving food whole in your mouth at school!!

    Like mother like son!! ;D

    BTW - Have u seen AUSTRALIA??

    FUCKING FANTASTICALLY HILLARIOUS!!!!!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! Stupid me listened to the critics and didnt go and see it until Sunday night - the week it closes at the movies!! argghh!!!

    Love Ya
    PS - why do i have to sign in with my google id? You getting strict now? I will have to go under my 'dance' now you realise - should go back and edit out 'fuck!' ;d

  13. Hm. I am horrible at this, but I'll give it a try just for you.

    1) Where is your favorite place in Australia?
    2) Can you do an American accent? :-)


  14. Do they really depict Santa on surfboards in Australia? We had a thing about Christmas in Australia in one of the second grade classes I work with. It was rather interesting, but there were no pictures or details.

  15. I just finished Austrailia too and loved it....did they really take the children who were biracial to Mission Island? Is there even a Mission Island?

  16. Oooh! Oooh! I don't have a questions, but will you pretty please share a recipe?

    And I really hope the baby starts sleeping better.

  17. oh honey. And I missed this too. I would have asked you a bajillion questions. I think I just may anyway.

    I am going to talk to you on my video later today though.


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