Friday, 27 February 2009

Video Killed the Radio Star

If this actually works, I will dance up my street clanging a cow bell with a freaking tea cosy on my head. Naked.

(And then I will upload THAT). I've only been trying to upload video for, ohhh, four months now.

I have not been in Blogland ALL WEEK. I need to buy some more time, mine keeps running out on me. I am a will of a wisp, a flibbedy jibbet, a clown. So much to say ... so much to read. I am truly sorry. I hope everybody is doing well, in this crazy world. (CRAZY! My personal theory is, the instant I die, I'll be like, ohhhhhh, now I get it! And understand all the secrets of the Universe. Until then, I will feed my baby hot chips driving along the highway and grease up my steering wheel and then use a baby wipe to mop up the grease. All because I left the house with no baby food. Because my brain broke a while back, and I have NO IDEA.)



    And you sound so adorable too!! But alas I am such a sucker for a chick with an accent!!

    Happy 9 months Rocco.

  2. Oh my GOD your accent is so SEXY - I think I might play for the other team now. HAHA!!

    Rocco is a peach! HAPPY 9 months little man!

  3. Oh sound so, so, so, Australian :)

    I really would just love to grab that little guy and bring him home and maybe eat him with a spoon. He is absolutely delicious looking :)

  4. Your VOICE is as hot as your FACE.

    I loved having this peek into EdenLand.

    That boy is something else, too!

    Can't wait to see the next vid. You know, the one with the cowbell and the tea cozy.

  5. I am more in love with you now since I;ve heard your accent. LOVE IT.

    I cannot believe what a big boy rocco is. Insane.

    Post more videos!!!

    Did you end up seeing the video I posted of neve?

  6. *waiting for your NEXT vid* He is adorable! I love the drooly chin. Happy 9 months to BOTH of ya. MUHA, sweetie!!!

  7. I want a baby!
    Bring him to the United States now!
    With your accent and his good looks, you'll be a star!

    Cute video Eden.

  8. You gotta run naked now!

    Geez. I forgot you'd sound like an Aussie :-) These folks who think your accent is adorable have obviously never talked to a Kiwi!

    He's gorgeous. Just adorable.
    Happy 3/4 of a year Rocco!

  9. I.Love.Your.Voice! If you came here with that accent, you'd be a rock star. No kidding.

    Happy 9 months, Rocco! You're getting so big and strong!

    (and I'll be waiting for that dance video...)


  10. OMG so cute! I adore you and that beautiful babe.

    Happy 9 Months Rocco

  11. Well done, you did it ! See you can do anything ! So,so so cute ! Your accent sounds pretty normal to me mate...although I do love it :)

    Now I want to see you running down the street naked dodging the blue tongue lizards. hahaha!

  12. How cute. And the thought of the dancing naked down the street with a cow bell and tea cozy is pretty funny too.

  13. WOHOO! Live and in person, it's Eden and Rocco! I can't tell you how much fun it was to actually see you moving and talking. That must have been what it was like for all those old-timey folks when they saw the first talkies.

    Rocco is ADORABLE! I love how he just turned his little head away and sealed his mouth shut when you asked him to say "mama." Isn't that just like a boy? Doesn't matter, I still want to munch his cheeks anyway. Nom!

    And you! You are delicious; I love your voice! Very sexy, m'dear. Rooowr!


  14. Aww, he's gorgeous!

  15. Dude, you sound all sophisticated and well, Australian. I knew you would have an accent, but wow :)

    Rocco is adorable. AAAAA dorable! Teach him to say G money!! Happy 9 months little dude

  16. I love the accent too. And you look like a Hollywood wife in those sunglasses, LOL...

  17. I am in LOVE!!! With Rocco and with your voice. O.M.G. But I'm with blue, a sucker for an accent. :-)


    Now where's the video of you claning the bell with the tea cosy on your head? :-P


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