Friday, 27 February 2009

Video Killed the Radio Star

If this actually works, I will dance up my street clanging a cow bell with a freaking tea cosy on my head. Naked.

(And then I will upload THAT). I've only been trying to upload video for, ohhh, four months now.

I have not been in Blogland ALL WEEK. I need to buy some more time, mine keeps running out on me. I am a will of a wisp, a flibbedy jibbet, a clown. So much to say ... so much to read. I am truly sorry. I hope everybody is doing well, in this crazy world. (CRAZY! My personal theory is, the instant I die, I'll be like, ohhhhhh, now I get it! And understand all the secrets of the Universe. Until then, I will feed my baby hot chips driving along the highway and grease up my steering wheel and then use a baby wipe to mop up the grease. All because I left the house with no baby food. Because my brain broke a while back, and I have NO IDEA.)
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