Thursday, 22 January 2009

Two Reasons for Everything

Reason One:

Reason Two:


I just wrote the longest post .... and it just disappeared. Blogger, how I curse thee!!!

Summary: Went to GP, baby had immunisations, it's stinking hot (YAY), Dave bought me flowers, made batch of organic babyfood so feel like Worlds Best Mother, the Prickly Pear is softening and GASP letting people in!



  1. And you are their reason for everything... BEAUTIFUL pictures of your children, Eden! Just beautiful.
    Sending you love 10,000 miles away,

  2. what beautiful reasons, so happy for you! (not about blogger....bad blogger)

  3. OHHHH I am SO envious of your sunshine! (Yours and the weathers;)
    We are in a horrid cold spell that has me layering socks.

    I love the photos....I can practically smell the love :)

  4. Fantastic the shadow pic.

    Your boys are beautiful.

  5. Silly goofy smile on my face. How beautiful you all are.

    Someday I will come visit you - the boys may be older, we may be older -- but we'll have a wonderful, wonderful time.

    That little one -- you can just see his spirit -- and Max, well what a gentle loving boy he is... a sensitive soul I'll bet...

    and you Mama, you're, as they say here 'so fine'.




  6. Those look like pretty good reasons. Great pics.

  7. What gorgeous boys you make!

  8. All three of you are stunning. You ARE World's Best.

  9. I see three reasons in those pictures.

    And that picture of you and Max on the balcony - is that in Sydney? I just had the hugest pang to be there, looking at that.

  10. You. have. the. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. children! Oh my goodness, I just want to grab Rocco and smooch those cheeks like crazy! And Max! What a man he is. They both look so much like you.

    So glad you are enjoying the hot weather. Please eat a mountain of fresh fruit and then go lay in the sun for me.

    And Dave? Hot stuff with those flowers! Next time: diamonds. ;-)


  11. Beautiful pictures, E. You children are adorable.

    Sun = good

    flowers = better (it's about time, Dave) :-)

    Letting people in (especially those who love you) = best

    But, the world's best momma to two beautiful boys feeling = priceless!

    Much love to you and yours as always!

  12. It seems like Dave is trying. Let's hope he keeps it up!

  13. It is unbelievable how those two are growing! OMGolly! Gotta remember to import some vegemite for my kiddos if I ever have them!
    Gorgeous pics! Thanks for helping lift the winter clouds for a bit!

  14. Flowers are good...

    I am a turd who still hasn't made her own baby food. Does it count if 50% of the jars I buy are organic?

  15. The very best of reasons, right there. Smiling and loving you undconditionally.

  16. Those are two good looking reasons!!! Here's praying the good days get better and the bad days become memories!


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