Thursday, 18 December 2008


One day, not so long ago, I was in a screaming hurry to get somewhere important, like, you know COLES or something. I was irritated, tired and cranky.

In NO mood for the extremely slow driver in front of me, who I tailgated for a bit, indignant at having to slow down in the fast lane.

"Christs sake!" I thought. "I have a bay-bee. My husband is sick. Hurry the hell up!"

And then?

The slow car in front of me turned into the quiet street, that is off the main highway.

The cemetery, in fact.

My road rage disintegrated, and I felt a tad ashamed of myself.

There will always be somebody out there having a worse day than you.


  1. I was thinking that same thing yesterday -- there was a stand-off situation in our neighborhood -- not too far away -- police, helicopters, tons of emergency personel -- they evacuated everyone in the neighborhood out by bus (we were far enough away that it wasn't us)

    There was an adult man who'd lived with his parents in a stand off with police -- his girlfriend and mother already got out of the house safely -- and I thought, not of the young man and his pain -- or the desperation that led him there (word had it there was going to be a drug bust early that a.m.) but I thought of his mother.

    And Christmas coming.

    The world, for as lovely as it can be -- and as filled with light and love -- is unforgiving.

    My love to you To...I mean ..EDEN!

    (I can't get used to it...I mean, I can...but it's so funny...)



  2. I'll try to remember this story next time I am overcome with road rage at the slow people. It's nice to have a reminder to be more empathetic.


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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