Tuesday, 30 December 2008

After Everything Happened

As far as Christmas went .... I had a really great Boxing Day.

I'm not joking. Today I even took down our Christmas tree with such a joy that I almost hummed. I cannot WAIT to piss this year off. All year, people have told me .... "God never gives you more than you can handle."

I was like ..... ummmmm THAT'S BULLSHIT. Freakin hate that saying ... until the other day, when I read "God will never give you more than you can handle ... but life will."


The best part of Christmas was going to my sister Leighs house, and just chillaxin' with her and our other sister, Linda. Awesome sisters, all the time. Growing up we had to take our battle positions within our family ... unfortunately for us, we missed out on bonding. But by God we have made up for it in the past few years. They continually show me:

1) How strong women are.
2) How, when I upturn the contents of my mind onto their unsuspecting ears .... they laugh.
3) How to do things properly. (Their nickname for me is "haphazard.")
4) It will always, always be funny when someone hurts themselves.

I'm still working on something to give them, for going above and beyond the call of duty in the Riley household this year. I simply could not have survived without them ... they were on Chemo Patrol. They totally rock.


In baby news ..... ummmmm, I fell in love with the baby today. Again. He is so divine. I found myself holding him, amazed that he is so big ... saying to him over and over .. "How did we get here?" He is my tough and quirky favourite little brute in the whole world. His first word was "Mama." ... Dave and I were having a competition about whose name he would say first. Every chance I got I would say "Mama. Mama. Mama." Over and over again. Dave would be in another room, and walk out to him. "DADA. DADA. DADA."

Max would hear the commotion, come over and start screaming "MAXIE!! MAXIE!! MAXIE!!" Right in his ear - he wouldn't flinch, though. For he is a tough one, this baby. Had to be, you see.

So this went on for a while ... I am totally not exaggerating. When Tim moved back in with us, there was another crazy person standing in front of him, expectantly. "TimMY. TimMY."

He said mumma first. I SO totally won, fist-pumping my way across the room. But inside, I was so touched .... he must like me.

Even after everything that happened.

5am Christmas morning ...

On top of his Santa present ....

Look what Santa brought! ...

Always with the camera ....

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