Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 ..... YOU'RE GOIN DOWN

Today sucked. Bad.

A fitting end, to a shitty, crappy, awful year. Tim was really upset, I made Max cry, and Dave went down to the beach without me. Wahh!

Actually, it's quite fitting ... to see this year out by myself. I'm loving it. I hired out the movie "Baby Mama", took the baby on a looooong walk, (not off a short pier, as I'm sure some people would like), bought some chocolate, did some writing, turned the house into a total BACHELORETTE PAD. My GOD I am messy.

I did get invited to parties ... and I could drive down to the beach with Dave and the boys if I really want to ... but I'd prefer to stay here and chill. I really enjoy my own company. I cannot wait to welcome in 2009 ... may it be amazing. A big, fresh, shiny new year ... whatever shall we all do with it??

Before our complete family dysfunctional meltdown today .. I took Maxie out for brekkie, leaving Tim to give the baby his bottle in his cot. Tim calls my mobile not long after I left ....

Me: "Hello?"
Tim: Sounding very sombre and serious ..."Hi Eden. Look, I don't know how it happened ... but somehow the Baby got out of his cot and he fell and I think he's broken his leg."
Me: Screaming like a maniac, swerving my car off the road to meet Tim at the hospital, scaring Max and making him cry ... "OHMYGOD OH MYGOD OHMYGOD!!"

I couldn't breathe properly and started to hyperventilate, to hear Tim's panic .."Eden I was joking! He's fine, he's asleep!! It was a joke!!"

I did NOT think it was funny, and told Tim in no uncertain terms. Hung up, consoled Max, got a grip.

My goodness .... he got me a beauty. I damn near shat my pants ... I rang Tim back after I'd calmed down, he was beside himself with guilt.

I said don't worry - it's fine. I'll just get him back triplefold.

Funny thing is, all day I have been so bloody grateful at Universe that the Baby didn't break his leg today. Amazing how a bit of gratitude can change your whole perception.

Happy New Year to you. May it bring you a big fat slice of Happy. (Actually, Happiness resides in you, much like Dorothy always had the Power to Get Home. It's the last place we look, though ... inside ourselves).



  1. Hey Babe,
    I'm spending NYE here in London on my own by choice. DH is DJ-ing and I don't want to watch him work so it's me and the kittens Sid and Nancy.
    Hello 2009! I'm looking forward to some fun in the New Year.

  2. It is I, the palest of mothers!

    I can totally see myself getting bent in the car that way. ~evil grin~ Oh yeah. Paybacks are hell.

    Glad that gorgeous boy, who seriously gets more gorgeous every week, is intact! Now if we can just keep us grownups in one piece it will be a ...

    Happy New Year!!


  3. Oh...that boy deserves the biggest of pay backs!!

    As a will be very easy to humiliate him...enjoy!

  4. OMG I would have LOST IT!!!!!!!

    Whew I am sooo glad it was a joke but NOT a good one AT ALL!!!

  5. I would have to kill Tim!
    But since I don't believe in harming anyone...PAYBACK!

    We are about 13hrs away from the new year and my plan is to watch Dick Clarks (Ryan Seacrest) Rockin New Years on my brand new sofa I got yesterday. Whoa, big plans!
    That and drug my Husky up because of the fireworks everyone lights off. She HATES them!

    Happy New Year Eden & Family

  6. Wishing you the same. I surely can use a big fat slice of Happy.Happy new year

  7. I await the payback that will come to that men ten fold! Wishing you the bestest EVER 2009!
    Hugs my dear wonderful friend!

  8. I wrote something similar to this on another blog (she's had a year to rival ours), but I think it is appropriate to say it here, too.

    2008 needs to go suck balls. Now.

    Good riddance 2008, you nasty witch.

    2009, we’re expecting you to bring all the joy, health, and happiness that 2008 left us wanting. This family deserves it.

    Sending love and hugs, Eden.

  9. Paybacks are a bitch! Think of something really juicy!

    We are spending a low-key NYE at home, eating fancy designer salad from the expensive grocer and hopefully sneaking in a cuddle between bouts of baby crying.


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