Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 ..... YOU'RE GOIN DOWN

Today sucked. Bad.

A fitting end, to a shitty, crappy, awful year. Tim was really upset, I made Max cry, and Dave went down to the beach without me. Wahh!

Actually, it's quite fitting ... to see this year out by myself. I'm loving it. I hired out the movie "Baby Mama", took the baby on a looooong walk, (not off a short pier, as I'm sure some people would like), bought some chocolate, did some writing, turned the house into a total BACHELORETTE PAD. My GOD I am messy.

I did get invited to parties ... and I could drive down to the beach with Dave and the boys if I really want to ... but I'd prefer to stay here and chill. I really enjoy my own company. I cannot wait to welcome in 2009 ... may it be amazing. A big, fresh, shiny new year ... whatever shall we all do with it??

Before our complete family dysfunctional meltdown today .. I took Maxie out for brekkie, leaving Tim to give the baby his bottle in his cot. Tim calls my mobile not long after I left ....

Me: "Hello?"
Tim: Sounding very sombre and serious ..."Hi Eden. Look, I don't know how it happened ... but somehow the Baby got out of his cot and he fell and I think he's broken his leg."
Me: Screaming like a maniac, swerving my car off the road to meet Tim at the hospital, scaring Max and making him cry ... "OHMYGOD OH MYGOD OHMYGOD!!"

I couldn't breathe properly and started to hyperventilate, to hear Tim's panic .."Eden I was joking! He's fine, he's asleep!! It was a joke!!"

I did NOT think it was funny, and told Tim in no uncertain terms. Hung up, consoled Max, got a grip.

My goodness .... he got me a beauty. I damn near shat my pants ... I rang Tim back after I'd calmed down, he was beside himself with guilt.

I said don't worry - it's fine. I'll just get him back triplefold.

Funny thing is, all day I have been so bloody grateful at Universe that the Baby didn't break his leg today. Amazing how a bit of gratitude can change your whole perception.

Happy New Year to you. May it bring you a big fat slice of Happy. (Actually, Happiness resides in you, much like Dorothy always had the Power to Get Home. It's the last place we look, though ... inside ourselves).

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